Xtreme Scoreboard


Give your fans the ultimate game day experience and leave a lasting impression with a custom designed Xtreme video display & sports scoreboard!

With a Xtreme Scoreboard LED Package, scoreboards are capable of much more than simply tallying runs, points or goals, and displaying innings, periods or quarters!

Many schools and other sports and entertainment venues employ our LED (light-emitting diode) scoreboard signs to capture attention with scrolling text messages, or rely on our interactive scoreboards to show game replays and more!

Another plus? All of our scoreboard signs enable schools, arenas and stadiums to score extra revenue. Via interchangeable sign faces, LED messages or even video, you can gain advertising dollars by displaying advertising messages from local or national companies.

Keeping your fans informed with easily visible and updatable scores plus the opportunity to generate ongoing ad revenue. That’s a win-win proposition with scoreboards from Xtreme! Contact us today for a fully customised LED scoreboard tailored to your needs!