Xtreme Screens 

Our Xtreme Fixed HD, LED Screen Display Walls are perfect for any event…at any time of the day. Consequently, a LED display is the only screen you can utilize if you want to watch an event outdoors during the daytime. Even on the brightest days, you can enjoy any sporting event, broadcast or enhance any live event anytime or anywhere. Our LEDs features P5, HD technology, which provides stunning colour and contrast for a crisp image. This display provides optimum viewing distances from 3m to 45m. Our 3 metre Xtreme Fixed LED Package can handle 125-viewers or more. We have the ability to elevate this screen up to 2m above the ground.

Our Standard Rental Packages Include:

  • 3 metre P5, HD LED screen wall for indoor/outdoor use during day or night.

  • 500-watt sound system included

  • Connection to existing HDMI cable/satellite connection.

  • Cables, extension cords.

  • Delivery, Setup and Teardown packages available

  • Entertain up to 125+ guests with our 3 metre Xtreme Fixed Packages
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